Most people think puppies, kitten, or bunnies are the cutest animals (Undoubtedly they are CUTE!).  But have you seen animals that are on the farm, they are also really goofy, silly, and cute.

Living in the city we don’t see the animals which are on the farm. And people can only see these animals once in a while if they visit the countryside, zoo, or in movies. I have gathered 10 cute farm animals pictures, which will bring a smile on your face.

Cute farm animals

This list has pictures of animals that you would find on a farm.  So just sit back and get ready to smile.

1. Goat

Goats are raised for their meat and milk. They are one of the most common animals you will see on a farm. If your interested in raising goats check out this article GOAT FARMING GUIDE.

cute goat
cute goat 1

2. Sheep

Sheep are raised for their wool and meat. If you want to know which breed of sheep is used to produce meat and wool check out this article Top 6 sheep breeds for spinning wool and meat.

sheep wool and meat feature
baby sheep

3. Cattle

Everyone knows cow, we drink its milk everyday. Check out Top 6 Dairy cattle breeds.

baby calf

4. Chicken

Who doesn’t love to eat chicken or its eggs but do know the difference between a hen and a chicken, if not then check this out Hen vs Chicken [Know the difference]

chicken cute

5. Duck

Did you know ducks eggs are loved by pastry chef. This is because it is very light and fluffy in texture, which is perfect for baking cakes.

If you like ducks you can check this article How to raise baby ducks for beginners?

duck cute
duck cute 1

6. Rabbit

No one can argue that bunnies are very cute. But do you know How long do domestic rabbits live?

7. Pig

People things pigs are very dirty animals, but this is not true. In-fact they like to stay clean. You don’t believe me then check this out Beginners guide to Pig Farming, all the information you seek about pigs is there.

fun facts about pig

8. Turkey

Did you know that Turkey are omnivores. Check out our article on turkey diet Wild turkey – What do they eat and How to feed them?

wild trukey feature

9. Horse

Horse is one of most elegant animal in you will see in a farm. But it is expensive farm animal to raise.

10. Goose

Most people get confused between goose and a duck.

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