When you hear the word farm animals, the first things that come to your mind would be cattle, goats, sheep, etc. You are Right! These are the usual farm animals that everyone would think of.

But there are few farm animals that you can raise in your home as pets.

  • Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Chickens

Farm animals are the animals that are raised in farms for agricultural purposes or their milk or meat. Due to the growing world population, the demand for farm animals keeps on increasing.

Do you know that only 11% of the earth’s land is available for producing food?
Are you aware that the world the population will grow by 32% until 2050? And will keep increasing.

Farm Animals as Pets

So before you make a decision that you will raise a farm animal as pets, there are few things you should consider. First of all, you need to be committed to their needs to take care of them, because they are not like your typical household pets. So extra care, focus, and time is needed. Plus it will be a little more expensive to raise farm animals as pets compared to your normal pets. And you need to have good knowledge about the farm animal you would choose to keep as a pet.
And after considering all the factors above, you are still motivated to keep a farm animal as your house pet, let’s not wait any further.

Rabbits as Pet

rabbits as pets

Bunnies are one of the cutest farm animals and they are at my top spot for farm animals as pets. The average life span of rabbits is about 8 to 12 years. And the rabbit which lived for the longest was a rabbit from Australia, who lived for 19 years and passed away in 1964.

Rabbits are very social animals so your child will love them. You don’t need to raise multiple rabbits together. It is ok if you raise only one, and once you start spending time with your pet rabbit it will bond to you.

A lot of people think that raising rabbits is an easy thing to do. It is NOT! You need to take extra care of them otherwise they will die before their normal life span. Rabbits don’t like to stay inside the cage all the time. So you have to let them roam around at least 4 hours a day. But make sure that there are not many places in the house that they can hide, otherwise you will have a hard time catching them.

Rabbits love their carrots but don’t forget to feed them with high fiber veggies like Kale. This will help them to fight certain illnesses and make them strong.

For more information on how to take care of your rabbit and their life span check out our other article how long do domestic rabbits live?

Guinea Pigs as Pet

Guinea pig as pet
Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are great pets especially if you have a small child. They have an average life span of about 4-8 years. So your child can enjoy the company of your guinea pig pet for a long time. Each guinea pig has a different personality and they are fun and entertaining to play with.

You should keep your guinea pig in a large and solid cage. And use hay or corn cob chips to make their bedding. Make sure you have a hut in the cage for them to hide and ample space so that they can run around. And change the bedding every one or two weeks.

Guinea pigs are very social animals they like to stay with a partner. So it is advisable to pair them up. If you don’t want them to breed then add two guinea pigs of the same sex. By learning different sounds made by your guinea pig, you can also communicate with them. It is a fun way to interact with a guinea pig and they will love it.

It is very important to keep your guinea pig healthy and happy. So you can treat them with small toys such as tubes and ball or add someplace in their cage for them to hide. They like chewing a lot so you can wooden chew stick and they will be very happy.

Chickens as Pet

chicken as pet

When you hear the word chicken, most people think about food. But did you know that chicken can also be an excellent pet? You can raise them to be your companion and they will sit on your lap or hug you.

The more the time you spend with them, the more they love you. Chickens have their unique personality and each one is different from the others. If you have a small garden chicken will provide you with natural fertilizers as well. The chicken will also get rid of unwanted insects that can damage your garden.

Don’t forget the endless supplies of eggs. Chicken can lay one egg per day. So next time you want to eat your breakfast, you will have an egg ready lol. You can check out our article about how often so chicken lay eggs for more information.

Chickens are less expensive to raise compared to dogs and cats. Walking your dog sometimes becomes a hectic task, but you don’t have to do this with your chickens. No vet expenses as well, they drink very less water and you don’t need to feed them all the time. They are very low maintenance and easy to raise pets.

Now you have an idea about which farm animals you can keep as your house pets. So what are waiting for the go-ahead and choose one? It would a nice experience for you. Plus you will love them and they will give you company if you feel down.

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