Farm animals are the animals raised in farms for agriculture purposes. They are used to produce milk, meat, fiber, skin, etc. Some of the most common animals you will see on a farm are Cattle, Goat, Sheep, Pigs, Chicken, Ducks, Turkey, etc.

If you are thinking to start your farm and raise farm animals, you should consider the cost involved in it as well.

Big farmers have a lot of capital to invest so they can raise any farm animals of their choice. But if you are a new farmer, then you should choose carefully which farm animal you would be raising.

The cost of raising some farm animals are higher than the other, so I have selected 5 low Maintenance farm animals you can choose to raise if you are just starting:

  1. Honey bees
  2. Chickens
  3. Rabbits
  4. Ducks
  5. Goats

Let’s not wait any further and see more information on how easy it is to raise these animals.

Honey Bees

Honey bees are a great choice for low maintenance farm animals. Technically they are insects, but they are still considered farm animals. Honey produced by the bees is used in a wide variety of products, so they are definitely very valuable animals to raise.

The cost of setting up the colony, in the beginning, is a little high. But once the colony in the hive is set up, these honey bees can take care of themselves. You don’t have to keep on checking on them because they are self-sustainable. But make sure you check occasionally to see if everything is running smoothly.

Honey bee hive
Honey Bee Hive


If you have visited any farm in your life whether it is big or small, I guess you might have definitely seen a chicken. This is because chicken is extremely easy and low maintenance to raise.

Chickens are very versatile creatures. You can raise chicken for their egg or meat and it doesn’t cost much to start a poultry farm. If you choose a bunch of chicken, it will produce enough eggs that will meet one family egg’s requirement. Or you can raise a few dozen and start your own small egg business.
Read this article Hen vs Chicken if you want to know the difference between them.



Rabbits are raised for their meat and fur. They require very little space on your farm. You can set up a small barn with pens, dirt floor, and feeders and you are all done. They are very adorable animals and your children would definitely love them. You can also keep a rabbit in your house as a pet as they are easy to take care of.

There is not much demand for rabbit meat in The US as compared to other parts of Europe. In some places of Europe and Asia, rabbit meats are considered a delicacy.
Have a look at this article Rabbit lifespan if you want to know how long a domestic rabbit lives.



It is believed that you need a huge pond if you want to raise duck. This is FALSE! You can raise duck easily on your small backyard farm. Domestic ducks tend to spend most of their time on land. You can make a small pool if you want your ducks to be happier and splash water sometimes.

Like chickens, ducks also don’t need much space. Chicken keep on scratching, pecking, and digging the group on the contrary duck don’t do this, so they are better for your garden or lawn. If you already have chicken you can add ducks as well to your flock. They will happy to live with their poultry cousin. Duck eggs are very light and fluffy in texture, that’s why they are in high demand by the pastry chef.
You can check this guide on how to raise baby ducks for beginners.



Goats are raised for their meat and milk. They are very useful and hardy animals. They don’t take much space on your farm and are adaptable to poor pastures. The amount of milk produced by goats is one to three-quarters day.

The fat contains in goats milk is very high, and it can produce high-quality cheese. You can also make a goat milk baby formula.
Goats are one of the most common animals you will see in different farms. This is because they are low maintenance and easier to raise, plus there is a lot of monetary benefit by selling goats milk and meat.
You can also read our article on the Goat farming guide.


So if you have decided to start your own farm and raise animals. These are the 5 best farm animals you should consider. They will give the least amount of trouble raising them and give you monetary benefits as well.

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