I am sure most of us at a certain point in our life might have had a pet we were close to. Many even have them at present.
Let’s not get emotional on that.
Without lingering around, I would like to make a statement claiming ‘pigs are more friendly than any other domestic animals.’ You might not believe it, or do you?

For those of you who know it, Hi-Five!
But, if you are reading this, and wondering What did I mean?
I can give you a clear idea of what these beautiful creatures are all about.
There are many interesting facts, precisely fun facts about pigs or baby pigs, that by the end of this blog post you might agree with what I claimed above.

Before I admire them more, let’s know how pigs happen to be on earth.

A little history of Pigs

Pigs were basically interbred with wild boars – they are extremely different in nature than the pigs I have been talking about- that was believed to be domesticated first in Anatolia, and East Asia around 9000 years ago.

Yes, of course, they existed at least from then on.
In the 1500s, they were first brought to America considering them as a source of food. Later on, pigs were developed as a part of livestock management.

And it continues till now.
So, all this was long ago. To make you know more about pigs as animals of great attitude, and innocence, let’s jump into some of the facts that can not only make you love pigs but understand them the next time you see them.
We already know enough about pigs as food, right? Fair enough. Bacon is something you don’t want to miss in a meal. So their uses itself makes us quite happy. So why not like them?

However, I have no intention to change the so-called filthy image of pigs, but trust me they are really beautiful. Also, check out the cute pig pictures, you will definitely change your mind.

Fun facts about pigs you never knew

Well, if you already have a pig. Or perhaps you are into Pig farming, You might have a better picture of what they are, which is far better than the stereotypical visual of pigs rolling in mud, then squealing and snorting around.
Pigs could be easily added to the list of the most innocent animals. In fact one among the cutest.

Do you think they are sweaty?

pig sweat

That’s a wrong perception. First and foremost, pigs have very few sweat glands. Indeed, they don’t like the hot climate, but they can barely sweat.
They don’t have to sweat while facing the heat. Their body can adapt to extreme weather through their body system, and primarily by respiration. As in farms pigs are kept in conditions that do not affect their body even slightly.

On the other hand, pigs are taken care of well by providing ample nutritional food, and a balanced diet. The consumption of food in pigs play a vital role in the maintenance of their body temperature.

They are not Lazy!

You may find pigs or even baby pigs rolling in the mud, and spending most of the time in the filth.
It’s a common image that pigs are considered lazy because of their size and weight.
That’s what they need to do to cool their body in warm temperatures. On the other side pigs are actually busy domestic animals. You can easily find them grazing around, walking, running, and rooting all day.

They are pretty playful in nature as well. Baby pigs are very enthusiastic, and they like running around actively.
Mostly pigs are stamped as lazy because of a lack of close of observation and judging them by their physical characteristics.

Their noises mean a lot

If you are in any way irritated by the snorting of pigs, or can’t tolerate the squealing sound they make, Let yourself know that there’s a lot to it than just noise.
It has been proven that pigs have a strong communication process. The sounds are generally a response to their environment around them. Pigs also communicate with each other effectively as an attempt to share their feelings.
Interesting right?

Although the sounds may seem scary or as if they are going crazy, but that’s a sheer misinterpretation.
So, next time when you hear them, do try listening.

The bond between the mother and the Piglets

pig mother

As mentioned that pigs have a strong communication system, this quality can be observed between the bond baby pigs share with their mother.
The nursing period is very crucial for them. Just like any other domestic animal.

What differentiates pigs a bit is that the mother pig is believed to be singing for her piglets during nursing.
It’s a huge responsibility for sows to make their piglets sleep.
It’s actually exciting to hear lullaby from the mother pig. The reaction of piglets to their mother is an interesting aspect as they respond with much affection and love.
See! they are not just noisy blabbering animals.

Incredibly Social!

You must have noticed how massive pigs lie sticking to each other with such closeness.
They love that!
Pigs are very social. They love to interact all day unstoppably. This also develops a good bond amongst them.

Especially in farms, they could be seen sleeping nose to nose with great affection.
You could barely see a pig roaming around alone. Instead, they have a group moving together in lines.
Put them together, and they just snuggle each other for no reason. In fact, pigs also frame a great bond with other domestic animals as well.

No worries of feeding them

Those of us who have barns that raise pigs intensely will know relatively how easy it is to feed pigs.
You don’t have to ponder any deep or make a huge list for a balanced diet when it comes to feeding pigs.
Give them what you have, and they will appreciate you.

Pigs are omnivorous. They are in no way, selective eaters. Being fond of foraging on whatever comes their way, pigs are well-known grazers.
For many farm owners, it’s in fact a great curt in expense while managing pigs due to their indiscriminate eating

Such a good sense of smell


The protruding nose of pigs has become their representation. Pigs are recognized or known for the feature their nose has.
Do understand that it’s not just another complementary part of its body. They have an immense sense of smell. Pigs can smell out for food from far away distances.

However, pigs have very poor eyes sight, but that has been compensated by a powerful smelling ability.
Do you know? In France, they are specially used to search truffles!

How long can you run a mile?

The body structure of pigs may not help you in understanding the activeness they possess.
But they are good runners.
A pig can run a mile in just 7 minutes!
Can you imagine that?

With all the propagating and stereotypical misunderstanding held regarding pigs and their weight, you must also know that they are a good athlete. Of course, they are not the fittest among the animals, but they have a special ability when it comes to making strides.
Their hoofs are strong enough to cover a good distance in a race. Especially if trained, they can win it for you
Try them!

They were dinosaurs!

Do you think it’s too much?
But it is true!
This extinct animal had the major features of pigs.

Enteledonts were creatures in the dinosaurs’ era. They precisely lived during the Miocene period.
They were also called as hell pigs or terminator pigs found in the forests of North America and Eurasia. To learn a little more, Enteledonts aren’t connected to modern pigs but considered close to their evolutionary tree.
Also to be noted, Pigs look far away cuter than these dinosaurs.

A Symbol of Luck

You may love to go through Chinese customs and their association with pigs. Because pigs are truly considered as a symbol of luck, honesty, hard work, Trust, generosity, and whatnot.
Also, a person with a zodiac sign of pig is supposed to be naive and self-indulgent.

Now, don’t you think pigs are very fine animals to look after?
It’s also believed that in china, pictures and statues of pigs are placed inside homes and stores to ensure a materialistic gain.
Pigs are also a symbol of fertility.

So these were 10 major facts regarding pigs that I am sure you didn’t know before.
If already knew I am sure you are an ardent pig lover.
There are ample reasons where you can accept pigs as a really cute animal to domesticate. Their docile characteristic and harmless nature is a great quality to see in a pet.

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