Simply another major branch of livestock husbandry, Goat farming is basically about raising goats for milk, meat, and fiber among others. However, it depends on which aspect one chooses more to gain favorable profit.

Well, it might sound manageable, but in case you are starting to think about raising goats as a business, then there’s a lot more to understand.

If you are already into goat farming, there are ways, or moreover, tips that can help you achieve a financial boost.
Goats belong to numerous breeds having specific qualities of their own. Some common breeds are Boer, Pygmy, Kiko, Myotonic, Nigerian dwarf, Alpine, Angora, and many others.

Goat Farming
Goat Farming

How about a little history?

A peek into the past tells us that raising goats goes back to ancient times. Goats were used primarily for their milk and meat. The Neolithic farmers from Western Asia who preferred to set up farms used goats among other cattle for their skin, milk, bones, and dung for fuel.
However, Goats were moreover introduced in North America by the introduction of colonists from Spain in the 16th century. Though, breeding goats wasn’t considered as relevant as sheep, pigs, and other cattle. In the 1930s goat milk began to find its source of profit with its demand in the market.
Later on in the middle of the 20th century, the dairy goat market began to find reasonable growth.
Back to the Present, Goat farming industry has turned into one of the most profitable businesses in livestock farming. Not only for maintaining, but also providing immense financial growth, this profession can encourage profitability if a proper business plan is executed.
The goat population across the globe continuing to grow unstoppably. So is the demand in the dairy industry. Among the estimated 2.6 million goats in the US during 2018, around 16% of it was used for dairy farming, i.e, 380,000.
If you are a beginner and feeling a little hesitant to go ahead with it. Well, it is understandable.
Therefore, let us take a look at some aspects regarding Goat farming. Maybe that could convince you and give you a further idea about the industry.
The expenses involved in setting up a goat farm are indeed expensive. But imagining the output will certainly give you the courage to go for it. It’s worth spending.

Some expenses and cost being spent in goat farming include:

  • Building fences and shed for the shelter of the goats.
  • Pasture lands that grow well.
  • Equipment serving day to day farm activities.
  • Health and safety precautions.
  • Feeds and nutritional food.
  • & Storage facilities.

Business plan to raise goats as a beginner:

To begin with commercial goat farming, it requires some basic steps to acquire knowledge regarding the process. Let’s consider some of the relevant points that can help you create a business plan for goat farming.

Your purpose of the farming.

It completely depends upon the goat farmer whether what kind of goat farming he/she prefers. Depending upon the location or the demand you can easily understand whether you would like to get into dairy production or the meat.
Also, Goat farming offers a wide range of opportunities with each one equally profitable in its way.

The right breed

First and foremost, Understand whether a goat or a sheep farming works better according to your location and the budget.
You can certainly, choose all the major breeds that come under your business.
For instance, Boer goats are mainly used for their meat and have great demand in the market or the Angora goat known for its quality fiber.

A strong housing structure

Commercial goat farming has an immense ability to keep growing due to its increasing demand and low cost. At the same time, to let it happen the productivity must be of high quality.
This requires proper treatment of the goats. A strong structure for the housing of the animal is crucial in ensuring its safety and hygiene. A shed with multiple facilities will be a good investment.

Farming equipment

To begin with, basic equipment and tools are important for the day to day farm activities. Whether it’s about feeding or maintaining the shelter. The use of containers to store food without getting infested can help in the storage of feeds for a longer time.
Other basic things like mask, sanitizer, Veterinary thermometer, hoof cutter, Cannula, food bowls, etc.

Maintaining health

Once the goats are settled, their health must be ensured consistently. it means regular accessibility to veterinary services can help you generate healthy goats.
Make sure the service is experienced, and trustworthy. As poor health of the animal can affect productivity drastically.


Adequate and a healthy diet helps in the growth of the goats. It could be hay, crash corns, oats, or barley in accurate proportion. Place the food in a clean area away from moisture and dirt.
Specific feeders are available in the market with high nutritional values. Feed provided with ample water will help in maintaining their health.
These are the basic things to be executed well to start up your business.

goat farm
Goat Farm

Coming to our next aspect, for knowing what’s the product you are looking to encourage, it needs an understanding of the major goat breeds and what they offer best.

In the United States, different breeds are imported that suits the goat producing agricultural systems. The systems involve dairy, meat production, brush control, mohair, and cashmere production.

Breeds for dairy producers:

Imported breeds like Nubian, Saanen, and Toggenburg are some goat breeds used majorly for Milk production. The American Lamancha is the only local breed used for its milk.

Fiber goats

Other than sheep for wool, Angora goats are well known for Mohair fabric. Many other goats with colored hairs are used in Cashmere fibers.

Breeds for meat

Boer goats are considered to be the authentic breed of goats used as meat. Other breeds are mostly crossbred to consume as meat. The well-known breeds used as meat includes Myotonic, Spanish, Pygmy, Nubian, etc.

Here are some tips for a profitable goat farming

The market for dairy goat products or meat is growing every day at a fast pace. Therefore, the demand is also rising. In this competitive environment some ideas must be developed to make yourself more confident, and the business profitable.
If you are looking for something that can help your commercial goat farming to increase its value, try considering these tips.

  • First, it begins with you, and the fondness towards your work. Ensure that you love the animals you raise.
    This would naturally generate the curiosity to know more about them. Such as knowing about the maturity and breeding stages of the goats. This will be visible in the work you do.
  • A mere capital may not help you boost right away. Before getting in a perfect calculation regarding all the factors is important. This means ample budget that covers all the crucial aspects will not lead to any tentative decision making.
  • If you are not experienced, this is the time for you to learn and seek for more information. There are training centers that offer credible training regarding all the aspects of goat farming. Perhaps, you can try visiting farms known for their yield.
  •  Analyzing the market condition is the key to any business. With something like goat farming, understanding the development in the industry, and keeping a regular track of it will help you perform better.
  • Make sure every factor is dealt with. this can be about constructing better facilities for the goats to grow. Like cultivation of grasses and other feeds, availability of fresh water, health security, and Cleanliness.
  • Be prepared and trained to manage your goats. There could be several reasons for the sudden unavailability of labor on the farm. This shouldn’t let the work be pending. You must be well adapted to take care of the goats in the absence of labor.
baby goat
Baby Goat

Technologies and prospects in commercial goat farming

Though America is not among the highest goat milk producers in the world, it has already in the state where goat farming has achieved major attention. Especially with the immigrants arriving from Asian countries have brought higher growth in the industry.
Hence, the popularity of this business has brought more and more farmers to associate themselves with goat farming for meat, milk, or fiber.
Due to its profitability and accessibility, the business has attracted major technological changes leading to a better prospect.
The development of technology within the industry has given birth to easy methods of commercial goat farming. This includes:

  • Using highly efficient software systems for sorting gate management
  • Reliable and user-friendly goat milking machines.
  • Well maintained and easy installation of milking parlors.
  • Herd management systems
  • Supplemental feeding instead of grazing.

Future trends in livestock farming will certainly bring new innovations as the growth and demand in the market keeps reaching higher. This gives promising future benefits in the goat farming industry.
The US already has a large number of goat breeders associations along with many national organizations in support of the production of goat milk. Innovative marketing strategies have begun to introduce goat milk products through websites sharing awareness, booklets, and magazines advertising the business, and affordable training sessions.
The growing immigrants from Mexico, Asia, and Africa offer a more promising demand for goat meat and milk. Also, more consumers are inclining towards the health benefits of products from goat farming.
There’s no doubt about the prospect of this massively growing Industry in gaining more attention. If you are a beginner following a better business plan to encourage your commercial goat farming, it requires more than just awareness.
But, it is indeed simpler, and a reliable profession to incline on, especially with its profitability.

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