Rabbit Lifespan:

The oldest lived rabbit is wild Flopsy from Australia. It passed away in 1964 after living for almost 19 years.

Well, for rabbits to live this long is a fortune. 

Domesticated rabbits are supposed to have a lifespan from 8 to 12 years, although impeccable care can extend their life to probably a year more.

While we talk about these tender creatures, we must know how they must be treated for healthy growth and long life.

Over the years the love for rabbits has been successful in maintaining their lifespan rate high. Rabbit owners are now aware of the right way to care for them.

The commonly seen wild rabbits and the domesticated rabbits have immensely different traits. They are of different species. Wild rabbits only have a life span of 1 to 2 years while domesticated rabbits are preferred to be mixed bred for specific purposes and to maintain a better lifespan.

Mostly being used as pets, rabbits are also a part of the commercial market. Rabbits had been mainly used for their flesh and fur until in the 19th-century people began to nurture them as lovely, and friendly pets. With an emergence in the population every year the food requirement in every sector is gaining demand. Therefore, rabbit farming also becomes a profit earning business. 


Rabbit breeds:

Selecting the right rabbit breed has a lot to do with the behavior and requirement of its grooming. Choosing rabbits on a farm is completely different from finding a pet bunny.

Selective breeding has open the doors for good quality farming. However, when it comes to selecting a pet rabbit, it involves a lot of exciting breeds.

Some of the major unique breeds recognized by the American rabbit breeders association are Californian rabbit, the well known American rabbit, Blanc de Hotot, English lop, Belgian hare, Dutch rabbit, English spot, etc.

Some well-know rabbit breeds across the world are giant papillon, British giant, silver fox, Altex, Hungarian giant, continental giant, chinchilla rabbit, etc. Many of these are extensively used as pets.

The other best pet breeds of rabbit are Flemish giant, Lionhead rabbit, French lop, Polish rabbit, Beveren rabbit, American fuzzy lop, Argente Brun, Cinnamon, dwarf lop, Florida white, and many more.

It also depends upon the purpose of buying rabbits that can help you decide which breed to go for. Most of the above-mentioned rabbits are playful and are perfect as pets.

Caring your Bunny:

There’s a belief that growing rabbits is an easy process involving less attention compared to other domesticated animals. It is never that way. Rabbits need extreme care and special serving. It’s easy for a domestic rabbit to die way before its normal lifespan if not provided proper grooming.

If you are planning to build a colony of rabbits in your back yard, whether it’s for farming or to raise them as pets, make sure you follow a reliable step by step caring.

Let’s take note of some of the major aspects to follow for the long life of your bunny. 

Comfort at its best

A newly arrived bunny may not seem playful right away. Rabbits are very tender animals, they might stay alarmed towards a new environment. It will take time to adapt.

Housing plays a crucial role in making them feel free within the cage.

A large hutch with enough room to run around is where you can start with the accommodation. A good Wendy house with fences around can be another good choice. The minimum hutch size for a rabbit is around 6ft x 2ft.

Although Rabbits must be brought out to have some fresh air and space for at least 4 hours a day, good housing will add to their comfort. However when they are playing around do ensure that they don’t hop on the elevated areas, or injure themselves.

You can also make sure that a nook of the hutch is being separated for individual rabbits to have little privacy. 

Feeding your rabbits

Hay and Veggies are rabbits’ basic meals. They need high fiber food for fighting certain illnesses. You can ensure that by giving them fresh leafy vegetables Kale.

Opting for formulated Rabbit specified feed and pellets have been one of the popular food for rabbits. Crushed or crumbled pellets are a good source of fiber. 

It is necessary to make sure that the dietary plan must not have high sugar level contents.

Other than the usual veggies like cabbage, carrots, spinach, broccoli, celery, make sure to let them consume hay around three-quarters of their daily food. Treats of fruits and vegetables must be strictly made occasional.

A good sleep

Rabbits are playful in all sorts of ways. Hence, good sleep becomes important for them. Rabbits specifically sleep during day times at several intervals. They need a good sleep of at least 6 to 8 hours a day.

Here comes the major part of the hutch where a good bedding system must be followed. ensure that their accommodation is a part of a quiet place and not in a noisy environment. 

Rabbits sleep in different positions indicating the intensity of their sleep. Therefore, in all ways make sure that the bed serves its purpose to maximum. A good bed from your local pet shop with bagged straw is a perfect choice.

Setting up bedding will not end your job regarding the rabbit’s sleep. It’s important to have regular inspections of the bed to ensure tidiness.

There are chances for the bed being taken over by dirt, and later developing maggots or parasites. This can affect the rabbit drastically. So consistent checking of the hutch and its bedding is very important.

Health care

The best way to ensure the long life of your rabbits is to maintain good health. Your bunnies could easily get infected by diseases if not given accurate care. 

You must have a strong diet plan which needs to be followed regularly without faltering. This could be one way. 

But moreover, major care comes with a consistent health check-up. Any factor can affect your bunny if the health is not ensured. It could be seasonal changes, an injury, or an infection. 

Observe your rabbits closely. They must have the energy and enthusiasm that they often have. In case of any monotony in any rabbit, do consider it seriously and take it to a veterinarian.

For instance, unspayed females are more prone to diseases like uterine tumors. Therefore, spaying and neutering can reduce the chances of any such serious issues.

The most common causes of rabbits’ death involve GI stasis which can kill rabbits in little time. However, it can be dealt with at its early stage.

Access to a good veterinarian is the key to figuring out and cure in case of any illness. This could help you save your rabbit in the early stages of the infection or disease. 

A happy life

It is necessary that your rabbit once begins to adapt to your conditions, it must continue with the energy. It is easy for a rabbit to lose vigor in case of losing a partner leading to loneliness or any other issues. Until you don’t find your buck someone, makes him happy by consistent engagement.

It could be about spending time with them playing outdoor for a while, or allowing them to chew on something like an unnecessary scrap or a willow.

Take your rabbit for a visit to the neighboring rabbit farm. It will create a friendly environment, and keep the enthusiasm alive. 

Arranging for toys or a cardboard house where the bunny can hop around will be helpful.

A happy life will ensure a long and healthy life.

Building a Bond

Creating a bond and being another friend to your rabbits will be very beneficial.

If you have a colony of rabbits, a bond can be created by knowing each one of them closely. Just like humans, every rabbit has its characteristics. 

Understand each one of them the way they are, and providing the rabbits the comfort they look for, is the way the best way to mingle with them.

Kids like playing and patting the rabbits too often. However, some rabbits don’t prefer to be stroked or played with. A bunny who has a habit of being in human hands may find it cherishing, but new ones can find it irritating. 

Give them comfort by sliding your hand through their body safely and delicately. This slowly makes the rabbits feel free to come to you without hesitation.

Following the above-mentioned tips in their best way will undoubtedly help in developing good care for your bunnies. 

There are many situations where the caring of rabbits was underestimated leading to a lack of care. There are chances that even the slightest error in their diet or their mental upbringing can lead to severe issues.

The more you better execute it, the better the health will be, and so the lifespan. 


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