Well, to talk about raising chickens, we all know how the demand has always been high for chicken eggs at the same time for its meat. Now, we will understand how chicken meat could be a profitable link to your new commercial farming.

Chicken as food is the basic way of eating meat across the globe. The day to day growing population has given great opportunities to introduce favorable food products in the market. However, Chicken meat remains unaffected by any of their influences.


You might have already begun planning to set up a farm for your chickens. And you are at the right place to know, ‘What’s next?’
It isn’t as easy as you think. These birds are about a lot of things before they are turned into food.
Believe it or not, It’s not necessary to have a handful of experience to raise hens. You can just gain profit in your first attempt with ease.
Certainly, there is hard work, and some smart work involved, But that’s the core of any business.

If you are ready and set to build an elegant coop for your chickens, Or just can’t wait to raise them for their fleshy meat, Or maybe you have already started thinking about the right breeds, Let’s get you started without any more delay.

Before raising your broilers to serve the market, let’s note down some of the best breeds used specifically for their meat.

Best chicken breeds for meat

Jersey giant chicken

These chickens weight up to 13lbs. Jersey Giants are a very popular breed known in the commercial meat business. They don’t have a high growth rate, but once they reach the stage, they could be used amongst the best of chicken meats.
In America, Jersey giants are considered the best alternative to turkeys.
On the other hand, being a purebred you can also breed them on your farm easily.

jersey giant

Cornish Cross chicken

Cornish Cross can be called as the best-known breed raised for chicken meat. They are highly preferred because of fast growth in a smaller time providing good quality meat. This breed can grow rapidly with almost 12 pounds in just six weeks.
Cornish cross requires a large amount of food, and are also considered to have a lazy attitude. But the farmers are quite happy to raise them. Credits to their flesh that has high demand and value.
Cornish cross are also known for their lack of muscles, and highly valued for their breast and thighs.

Cornish Cross

Orpington chicken

These are a good breed of chickens to go for if you have set your mind into chicken meat farming.
Orpington approximately weights up to 10lbs. They are dual-purpose chickens as their growth rate is slightly lower.
But, they grow big and meaty at the end. Also, they don’t have to be fed like other breeds as they can depend on foraging.


Freedom rangers chicken

Freedom rangers are a popular breed known for its good meat. They can roam around all day consuming little protein while ensuring high-quality meat production.
Freedom rangers weigh around 6lbs, and they are considered specifically by organic farmers.
They take a long time before they are fully grown, but the demand for their breeds have formed its own market.
The best part unlike other chicken meat breeds, Freedom rangers can grow well by feeding just on bugs and corns. This has made them a favorite for most poultry farmers

Freedom rangers

Bresse chicken

Bresse chickens would remind you of the picture of a typical egg layer. They are mainly white in color and fairly larger in size. They are quite expensive but reliable breeds to sell for their meat. Bresse is also considered amongst one of the most delicious chicken meats.
They weigh almost 7lbs and are quite attractive in their white body and blue feet. They may not have the best of growth rate, but arguably the texture and flavor of their meat are appreciated by many culinary experts. This breed is mainly famous in France than in America
They can also, be seen in the colors of grey and black.


Buckeye chicken

They are called the toughest chicken breeds for meat. This tag comes to buckeye because of their ability to sustain in extreme conditions. Most chickens rely on heat and warmth for better adaptability. Buckeye can easily deal with cold weather or any difficult environment.
They also weight about 9lbs with great disease resistant qualities.
They have very attractive feathers with mahogany colors. Just like their body structure they sometimes have an aggressive temperament.


However, they are not in the top order amongst the meat breeds because of their slower growth rate. But this doesn’t hinder farmers to opt for them as a quality breed for meat.

Raising chicken for meat

It may sound long but raising chicken in the most accurate way can give a high yield in its best form. Once you have selected the breed needed for the meat you want to produce, the next process is all about taking care of them.

The below-mentioned aspects will help you make sure that your new chicken meat business runs smoothly and cleanly.

Purchasing chickens

Try not to indulge in a lot of thinking while buying your chickens. At the same time, it’s better not to be in a hurry to purchase those ones that gain their maturity too early.

Nowadays, due to new technologies, cross-breeding has made it easier to get access to chickens that grow quickly (around 8 weeks) without much effort. Instead, you can purchase chicken that takes a little longer to get matured, say 12 weeks.

Otherwise, Cornish Cross, which is an obvious breed to go for, can prove you a better yield. The next thing after buying the breed is to feed them as much as they require; It wouldn’t take much time for Cornish Crossbreeds to prove their productivity.
Opting for other breeds of chickens that are well suited for pasture can also be a good choice.

Shelter and housing for your chickens

You have to learn to adapt to the conditions of your chickens. When you think of building a shelter for meat raising chickens, don’t forget to keep in mind that the already messy coop could be filled with poop.

Remember they are not layers, they might end up wrangling with each other, however, certain meat breeds primarily won’t do that.

Keep in mind that you need to build a shelter that serves almost all the purposes. ready to add some separate pens in case of shifting the ones who need it.
Regular cleaning and draft-free housing are very important. Whether the chickens are layers or meat producers, heat is crucial for these birds. A heat lamp in the shed could be a good source of heat.
As for chicks, their major care is protection. You might have brought a breed that grows well and quickly, but don’t leave them free until they are at least 4 to 5 months. Also, these baby chicks need special care in maintaining a different temperature.

Feeding matters the most

You have to ensure the growth of your chickens. To let them grow in their best possible form is the key. In case they don’t, it will directly affect your productivity.
No worries. Just make sure that the food is not compromised even by a single percent. Treat them like your kids. Give them all that you could to them look best in size, and strength.

For your growing chickens, begin with commercial feeds. They have all the nourishment required to build your chicks strong and let them grow healthy.
Primarily, a high protein diet in the first couple of weeks, and then feeds with other nutrients in the next few weeks. The formulated feeds must contain a starter mash of about 24%. you can feed them for the first four weeks.

Water is indispensable in farms. No matter what kind of commercial production you do. Then why exclude meat farming. Your chicks will always require water, mostly all times a day.
Ensure the same concern with the supply of water as well. Accurate temperature and freshness of the water must be strictly considered.

Processing chickens

Probably, this is the stage you have been waiting for. After so much care and grooming now you have to make a decision on selling your full-grown rooster or broiler in the market or opt to sell their meat directly. This is done when your chickens are full-grown and are about the weight of 5 to 7 pounds.

Chicken used for meat have a great price in the market. Analyze and have a better understanding of the price of selling your chicken to the local market.
If you wish to sell the meat directly, that’s a better idea. For that, you can process the meat on the farm itself. If that’s not inconvenient you can take it to a poultry processing area.

To conclude, it is sure that the meat industry is a good path to a financial profit. And no wonder why raising chicken meat is popular farming. So, make sure to follow these processes, and ensure great yield.

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