There are ample reasons for why one must choose livestock farming as a business opportunity. It is indeed not just a mere idea for a start-up, but a great profit-earning move.

Livestock farming has been a crucial form of farming from time immemorial. As the times changed farm animals have gained great attention in terms of providing us with all the necessary sources of a good livelihood.

All this began with the domestication of major wild animals when humans’ daily needs were in question. For instance, goats and sheep were used since 8000BCE in Asia while wild boars were domesticated during 7000BCE in the Middle east.

The Top 5 most profitable farm animals are:

  • Cattle
  • Goat
  • Chicken
  • Pig
  • Sheep

These farm animals were domesticated through further breeding processes to make them suit the human requirements. Since then, we have never looked back as livestock management became a major survival tactic, and then a commercial market.

This growth brought various streams to it. The use of dairy, products, meat, fiber, hair grabbed high demand and value. The demand led to several discoveries of new breeds, for better quality and growth.

profitable farm animals

Some common aspects to consider while raising farm animals include:

  • Good housing facilities with a strong fence.
  • Large acres of land for cattle to graze.
  • High-quality feed as per the breed’s requirement
  • Adequate water supply is crucial.
  • Clean and tidy shelter
  • special focus on caring for babies and mothers during breeding seasons.
  • Proper Health care services

Going back to the history of how farm animals were raised will give you a gist of the progress the business has gained till now. And the fact remains that it still is a great option to select for commercial production.

For this, I am sure you have a business plan of your own to get going. But, the plan depends on the animal you choose.

What farm animal is the most profitable?

If this question is lingering around your mind, let me tell you, each one is profitable in its way. The assurance comes in the way we execute the plan.

If you are clueless about which farm animal to prefer for a high yield, this article can guide you through some effective choices.

So to get a good start, I have chosen the top 5 major farm animals that you can raise for profit.

Profitable farm animals to raise:


Cows are representative of cattle farming. They are the first image that mostly comes to our minds when we think of livestock. Well, they deserve this much attention. Because they are truly a gem to have on your farm both in regards to quality and profit.

Cows are used mainly in most aspects of our day to day lives. Not to forget the healthy food that they offer, whether it’s the milk or the meat.

However, you might find certain difficulties to nurture them as they are mostly large-sized and difficult to manage. If you have any thoughts on raising cows, you must have large acres of land. Although you can purchase fewer numbers of cows in the beginning.

But once you can get hands-on to them, they are going to give their best. It depends upon the purpose of why you would like to select cows as your farm animals. Cow products are not limited to any specific place or region, their products are used across the globe in huge demand. So, therefore, no worries regarding the market.

Some major dairy cow breeds are Holstein-Frisian, Guernsey, Brown Swiss, Jersey cow, Ayrshire, Shorthorn, etc. Having the right breed that offers you an appropriate amount of milk is key to the profit earning.

Goat farming

You may easily find people who have negative imagery about goats and their products. Let them not discourage you.

There’s a massive scope in Goat farming which has been underestimated due to certain misconceptions. Goats are a great option as profitable farm animals.
Although goat’s milk doesn’t have the same demand as the cow’s milk, there’s a niche market to goat products. Goat milk is indeed believed to be an alternative to breast milk. They are used in all major sectors like fiber, hair, milk, and meat. There’s a rise in the use of goat products in the last decade with almost 62% red meat consumed is goat meat.

The best thing that goats have is they can easily be friendly. You don’t have to spend much at the beginning of goat farming if you already have a small farm.

They can be adjustable in a moderately tough shelter with strong fencing if you opt to purchase them in small numbers like two or three goats.

Some of the major goat meat breeds are Boer goat, a Spanish goat, Toggenburg, American pygmy, Beetal, etc. Dairy goat breeds include Alpine, Nubian, Saanen, LaMancha, Nigerian dwarf, Sable, etc.


Chicken is famous poultry birds are known for their eggs and meat equally. There is a high value for dual-purpose chicken breeds that efficiently produce both eggs and meat in good proportion.

However, small farmers use chickens for either use. Egg layering business is an apt one if you really are interested in serving chickens, and managing them well.

Chicken farming may sound simple. Yes, it is one among easy ones. The best part is that your expenses can be retained with high profits. As we know there’s no lack of demand or market for chickens, it’s everywhere. They are known for their protein value.

Chickens were known for their eggs way before they became popular for meat. Eggs have become a daily consumption of protein food in our diet. Hence, choosing egg layering breeds of hens is a remarkable option for a start-up business.

All you need to be able to acre is to raise the chicken of the right breed with its right feed! The better the nurturing, the best will be its egg-laying capacity.

Also, they are good at foraging, so that gives you better choices for food.

Some well-known breeds of egg-laying chicken are White Leghorn, Rhode Island red, Ameraucana, Plymouth Rock, Golden Comet, Orpington, etc.

Some best chicken breeds for meat are Cornish chicken, Jersey giant, Brahma chicken, New Hampshire chicken, Sussex, etc

Pig farming

Do you dislike pigs? If you are, you just know why. Because actually, they are a great animal to domesticate and earn!

But if you are interested in them, You can earn fortunes through investing in Pig farming.

Pigs are easy farm animals to raise. Offer them scrap and they will be much happier to feed on it. Mainly you just have to wait for them to grow till you can sell them, or use it for meta production.

There are great value and demand for pork throughout America. Also, there hasn’t been any falling of demand in the pig meat industry.

If you have a small farm and want to raise pigs. Go for it!

Especially for someone new to livestock farming, this could be a good learning process at the same time a great business choice for profit. Pigs are good at foraging, and you can supplement them with hay which is a normal feed to rely on. This ease in handling pigs have brought many farmers into pig farming.

Make sure that they grow well, and rest is the market.

The well-known breeds of pigs used for farming are Duroc pig, Berkshire Pig, Large white, Tamworth, Gloucester old spots, Hampshire, Large black, etc.


Managing sheep could be the basic livestock farming that anyone can begin with.

Raising sheep has a broad history of how herders of several generations used sheep for grazing in return of wool. However, even in the current century, the value of sheep as farm animals has only increased with much more demand.

They are mainly popular for wool, fiber, milk, and meat. With these wide options, you can begin to raise sheep even in your small land. They can thrive on pasture lands effectively due to their grazing abilities.

If you have a low budget to begin livestock farming and are confused to prefer something that is affordable, you can simply opt for sheep farming. you might require a little training in the beginning to manage sheep, but they are actually quite calm and friendly in nature.

The products of wool are rising day to day in the clothing and textile industry. The lamb value in the meat market is in high demand. With these many options opened, raising sheep gives you a cost-efficient way towards profitable farming.

Some of the well-known sheep breeds for meat and wool are Merino, Rambouillet, Dorset horn, Dorper, Texel sheep, Southdown sheep, Cheviot, Hampshire sheep, Corriedale, etc.

Choosing the right profitable farm animal that suits your purpose is no more a huge deal. The above mentioned were some of the major well-known farm animals that can assure you a good profit if nurtured well.

In this growing world where the population is rising consistently, the value for food production will be at its peak in the coming days. therefore, the market has a lot to offer.

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